Corpus Christi Museum of Science & History

Discovery Cart Stations

Students can explore the Museum at their own pace while interacting with educators at stations of your choosing. Pick from up to five stations for your students to engage with.

Cost: $10 per student

To schedule a visit call 361-826-4661 or email All programs need to be scheduled at least 14 days prior to your visit.

Available Stations



Adaptations – Animals adapt to the environment around them sometimes to hide, sometimes for the weather.  Come see some great examples of how Texas animals have adapted to make this their home.

Geology – Learn about the different types of rocks and the Moh’s scale.

Weather – Learn how clouds are formed and what they can tell us about the weather.

Anatomy – The human body has many systems.  Look at a human skeleton and explore other organs with our felt bodies.

Fossil Touch Table – We may never see a triceratops, but we can look at and touch its fossilized remains.  Learn all about prehistoric animals and get to see some cool fossils.

Science Show – Our front porch stage transforms into a mad scientist’s lab with this station!  We will demonstrate science that bubble, burst and blow your mind!

Planetarium – Experience a planetarium show in our HEB Science Center.  Learn all about the planets in our solar system and so much more!



Shellcrete Kitchen – Meet a character from the late 19th century and learn how they ran their kitchen.

General Store – Discover how settlers purchased their goods when you travel back in time with our authentic General Store Proprietor.

School House – It’s 1892 in our one room school house; recite the original ‘Pledge of Allegiance’, learn the lesson of the day and do your best to stay out of the dunce cap.

Ranching – Today’s culture in South Texas was shaped by the ranchers that settled our land in the late 1800s.  Learn about how famous ranch owners, like Richard King, created a new industry and create your own cattle brand.

Navigation– Learn how ancient sailors were able to find their way around the world without a GPS.

Morse Code – How we communicate has come a long way, from not having a written language to the cellphone.  Learn about how the telegraph worked and create your own Morse code message!


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