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Available Positions:

Thank you for your interest in applying to work at the Corpus Christi Museum of Science & History. Below you will find a current list of all positions available for hire. Please read over the Core Values and Competencies, then select the position title to download a job description and application for employment.

Core Values and Competencies

CCMSH is a community. We share a commitment to our mission, visitors, internal and external relationships, and our outcomes. Those key values combine to define the CCMSH brand and museum experience.

  • Mission Focused: Our top priority is to connect people to the science, history, and continuing innovation that shapes life in Corpus Christi and the Coast Bend through exhibitions, programs, and education activities.
  • Relationship Oriented:  We aim to communicate effectively to develop, grow, and sustain productive relationships, to capture and record relevant information, and to interpret and utilize the information to forge partnerships, collaborate, cultivate, grow, sustain, and strengthen internal and external relationships.
  • Value Collaboration:  We appreciate and understand the roles and contributions of all sectors of the community and can mobilize resources (financial and human) through meaningful engagement.
  • Results Driven and Results Achieved: We are dedicated to shared and measurable goals for the organization by creating, resourcing, scaling, and leveraging innovations for broad investment and impact.
  • Brand Steward: The entire staff stewards the CCMSH brand and understands his/her role in growing and protecting the reputation and results of the organization.

We hold ourselves accountable to the mission and each other through

  • Self-Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Ongoing study of fact-based science and history

How to Apply:

Equal Opportunity Employer:

CCMSH affirms its fundamental policy of providing equal opportunity in all of its operations and in all areas of employment practices and assuring that there shall be no discrimination against any employee or applicant for employment on the grounds of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, handicap status (as stipulated by the ADA), veteran’s status, or sexual orientation. This policy extends to recruiting, recruitment advertising, and/or other communication media, hiring, rates of pay and other compensation, overtime, job classifications and assignments, working conditions, promotions, demotions, transfers, layoffs or terminations, recalls, disciplinary and other employee treatment, benefits, and all other terms, conditions, and privileges of employment.

1095-B Notice to All Eligible Employees

Friends of the Corpus Christi Museum of Science & History can furnish a Form 1095-B to any responsible individual upon request within 30 days of the date the request is received.

Responsible individuals may receive a copy of their Form 1095-B upon request, accompanied by an email address and a physical address to which a request may be sent, as well as a telephone number that responsible individuals can use to contact the reporting entity with any questions.