Museum Exhibits



The Museum is also the repository for hundreds of thousands of artifacts and historically significant items in its massive facility.

H-E-B Science Center

Kids will have hours of fun learning through play in the H-E-B Science Center! Designed for children ages 3 and up, activities in the 5,000 sq. ft. area include touch tables, a shadow wall, a giant set of imagination blocks, and more. Kids can also play outside on the shaded playground while parents relax nearby in areas set up with benches and picnic tables.

Prehistoric Predators & Prey

This new Prehistoric exhibit features up close and personal interaction with the giant prehistoric predators of sea, land, and air to include the mighty ocean dwelling Mosasaur and Megalodon, and more!

Corpus Christi History

Explore the evolving city of Corpus Christi and examine its many cultures, from the Karankawa tribe to today’s residents. See the transformation through time, from Colonel Kinney’s trading post to a modern city boasting the 5th largest port in America. Discover the diverse past of our great city and explore the history of some of Corpus Christi’s oldest families, as well as those who have made our city what it is today.

Cultural Encounters

Cultural Encounters tells the story of the famous explorer Sieur de La Salle and the Karankawa Indians of South Texas. The exhibit showcases artifacts from La Salle’s ship La Belle, which wrecked in Matagorda Bay in 1686. See artifacts recovered from the wreck, from pieces of the ship to the personal items of the sailors! The display also includes artifacts recovered from local Native American settlements, including items salvaged from La Belle, showing how cultures mixed in South Texas.


See artifacts from the oldest scientifically excavated shipwreck in the Western Hemisphere! The Spanish ships San Esteban and Espíritu Santo wrecked off Padre Island in 1554. The exhibit includes a section of the ship’s wooden keel and verso guns as well as silver coins and gold bars from its cargo.

Kenedy Gallery

Innovation Comes Home: New technology in the latter 1800’s completely transformed the way of life in Corpus Christi. These developments changed the way we connect to the world, industry, our community, and our family. The period between 1876 to 1893 saw great growth across the United States. The hardships of the Civil War and Reconstruction period quickly ended as industry boomed. Factories mass-produced goods for a growing consumer economy. Railroads connected communities enabling once isolated communities like Corpus Christi to grow. The rich culture, new technological inventions, and societal changes of the period helped shape the lives of residents and visitors, laying a foundation for modern Corpus Christi.

Hall of Earth Science

Discover the rocks and minerals that make up the Texas landscape, as well as the meteorites that have fallen from space! This hall presents a stunning variety including crystals, gems, and polished stones. The Hall of Earth Science also exhibits the importance of geology to the South Texas economy, displaying how man has learned to use earth’s resources. The centerpiece is a construction model for Southwest Refineries, used by engineers before the age of computers. See the scale model’s amazing details and learn about the oil-refining process. When you visit, also be sure to activate the moving oil pump-jack!

Coastal Ecology

Take a glimpse into the changing landscape of the Coastal Bend and the animals that call the coast their home. See birds that travel through the region and also those that depend on local wetlands for survival. Discover shells from around the world! Shells in this exhibit are natural works of art, from the tiny dove shell to the giant clam. The exhibit includes beautiful dioramas and rare, endangered species.


Enjoy the beauty of South Texas in the Xeriscape Garden. Maintained by the City of Corpus Christi Water Department, the Garden is free to the public. Visit the Xeriscape Garden and learn water-saving landscape principles that will help your backyard grow. Exhibits show how rainwater is harvested in South Texas and which plants are the hardiest. The Xeriscape Garden has received the Beauty Spot Award of the Beautify Corpus Christi Association and has been designated a Texas Grown Area by the Texas Department of Agriculture.