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Plan a trip for your class to the Museum

The Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History welcomes schools, scouts, and groups of all kinds. Our exciting programming ranges from biology to physics to 1,000 years of South Texas history. Schedule a group visit today.

These 2-hour educator-led programs focus on a specific area of science or history. All programs are TEKS aligned and can fit perfectly into your lesson plans

Cost: $8 per student (*$18 per student for Gross Anatomy)

To schedule a visit and focus program at the Museum call 361-826-4667 or email CCmuseum@cctexas.com. All programs need to be scheduled at least 14 days prior to your visit.

Available Topics

CSI – Solve a crime at the museum. Forensics comes to life with DNA experiments, fingerprinting and more.
Download Pre and Post Visit Materials for CSI icon_pdf

Earthworks – Rock out to a program unearthing the geology of our area and how weather and people affect it.
Download Pre and Post Visit Materials for Earth Works icon_pdf

Gross Anatomy (this program costs $18 per student) – Every animal has a body that is perfect for their lifestyle.  Examine anatomy and the body systems of different animals by engaging in a real dissection.

Gross Anatomy program costs $18 per student since it includes an actual dissection.
Download Pre and Post Visit Materials for Gross Anatomy icon_pdf

Jurassic Journey – Are dinosaurs really extinct?  Dig up an adventure as we look at the plants and animals of the past – even some dinosaurs!

Let’s Move! – Wiggle your way into different types of movement and build simple machines we use every day.
Download Pre and Post Visit Materials for Let’s Move icon_pdf

Mix it Up! – Break out the goggles and dive in as we explore the bubbling, fizzing, smoking world of chemistry.
Download Pre and Post Visit Materials for Mix it Up! icon_pdf

Science Explorers –  Not all science geeks become –ologists.  Explore the many different possibilities.
Download Pre and Post Visit Materials for Science Explorers icon_pdf

Shock Value – Sparks will fly as we see how to harness electricity and magnetic energy.
Download Pre and Post Visit Materials for Shock Value icon_pdf

Weather World! – It’s raining, it’s pouring . . . but how does weather work?  Search the atmosphere and explore the world’s weather systems.
Download Pre and Post Visit Materials for Weather Works! icon_pdf

Web it Out! – Think you stand on top of the food chain?  Get gobbled up and take a look at where everything fits in these food webs.
Download Pre and Post Visit Materials for Web it Out! icon_pdf

Space Exploration – Ever wonder what’s out there?! Discover the whole universe just outside our atmosphere and the principals that shape our galaxy and beyond.  The experience includes a program in our brand new planetarium.

Additional Notes:

  • For every 10 paid students, the group is entitled to one free chaperone. Each additional chaperone is $6.

Students can explore the Museum at their own pace while interacting with educators at stations of your choosing. Pick from up to five stations for your students to engage with.

Cost: $10 per student

To schedule a visit call Chris Cartwright at (361) 826-4661. All programs need to be scheduled at least 14 days prior to your visit.

Available Stations


Adaptations – Animals adapt to the environment around them sometimes to hide, sometimes for the weather.  Come see some great examples of how Texas animals have adapted to make this their home.

Geology – Learn about the different types of rocks and the Moh’s scale.

Weather – Learn how clouds are formed and what they can tell us about the weather.

Anatomy – The human body has many systems.  Look at a human skeleton and explore other organs with our felt bodies.

Fossil Touch Table – We may never see a triceratops, but we can look at and touch its fossilized remains.  Learn all about prehistoric animals and get to see some cool fossils.

Science Show – Our front porch stage transforms into a mad scientist’s lab with this station!  We will demonstrate science that bubble, burst and blow your mind!

Planetarium – Experience a planetarium show in our HEB Science Center.  Learn all about the planets in our solar system and so much more!


Shellcrete Kitchen – Meet a character from the late 19th century and learn how they ran their kitchen.

General Store – Discover how settlers purchased their goods when you travel back in time with our authentic General Store Proprietor.

School House – It’s 1892 in our one-room school house; recite the original ‘Pledge of Allegiance’, learn the lesson of the day and do your best to stay out of the dunce cap.

Ranching – Today’s culture in South Texas was shaped by the ranchers that settled our land in the late 1800s.  Learn about how famous ranch owners, like Richard King, created a new industry and create your own cattle brand.

Navigation– Learn how ancient sailors were able to find their way around the world without a GPS.

Morse Code – How we communicate has come a long way, from not having a written language to the cellphone.  Learn about how the telegraph worked and create your own Morse code message!

Explore the Museum with a Guided Tour. Your tour offers a unique and engaging experience that covers all of our galleries, individually crafted by our experienced tour guides. The tour provides a personal touch and enriched museum experience as you gain insight into the wonderful and rich collection of objects and artifacts at the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History.

Guided tours are about 30 minutes long and can be added on to any educational program or self-guided tour.

Cost: Additional $2 per student

Students can explore the Museum at their own pace.

Cost: $8 per student

Can’t make it to the museum? With our offsite programs, we can come to you!

Allow our educators to come into your classroom and lead the group in a 45-60 minute series of activities on a specific topic. These activities can be repeated for as many classes as you have.


This program is a fun introduction to circuits. Children will gather an understanding of how circuits work through a hands-on demonstration, make their own circuit, and then test the conductivity of items brought from the museum.

Communication of the Past

How did people communicate before cell phones? That question will be answered through the sending and receiving of messages in Morse code. Depending on the age, and the time remaining, children will get the opportunity to make a bracelet of their initials in Binary (the language of early computers).


Engineers make the world go around. Try your hand at two different types of engineering (mechanical and electric) with our fun bridge building activity and our Little Bits Kits.


Learn more about the science of crime. Everyone has heard of DNA, but have you ever seen it? Our fun strawberry DNA activity allows kids to extract DNA out of common fruit and see it with their own eyes! Another way of identification is through fingerprints. Allow our educator to guide the children through identifying the parts of their own fingerprints.


Test out your knowledge of dinosaurs with our knowledge of fossils. Using our unique dinosaur footprints (also known as trace fossils), see if you can match the beast to the feet. Try your hand at making your own carbon film fossil with our unique fossil pages.

Owl Pellets

Dive right into the food web, with our owl pellet dissection. Every group of children will get to dissect an owl pellet to see if they can reassemble the animal that the owl last ate. There is also a fun game that shows kids how animals are different across different levels of the food web.

Pricing: $100 a class (30 students max) with a $20 upcharge for every additional ten miles traveled past the first ten.

Science Shows provide demonstrations using chemistry and physics applications.  Students can safely participate in these demonstrations.

Science Shows are $35.00 per demonstration.

All programs need to be scheduled at least 14 days prior to your visit.

Schedule a visit by calling 361-826-4667 or emailing nicoler2@ccmuseum.com