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Boy Scouts

Badge Programs

Robots, crystals, exoskeletons—it’s not a sci-fi movie, It’s just another day at the Museum. CC Museum offers six science and history themed Boy Scouts of America badge programs per year. We use our labs and technology to focus on finishing the most technical requirements. Bring in your blue books and our badge counselors will sign off on your finished requirements!

Boy Scouts


Girl Scouts

Oct. 21, 2017 Boy Scouts Insects   Sept. 16, 2017 Girl Scouts CSI
Dec. 2, 2017 Cancelled     Sept. 30, 2017 Daisy & Brownie CSI
Feb. 17, 2018 Boy Scouts Geology   Nov. 11, 2017 Daisy & Brownie Space
Feb. 24, 2018 Cub Scouts Geology   Nov. 18, 2017 Girl Scouts Space
Apr. 21, 2018 Boy Scouts Robotics   Jan. 6, 2018 Daisy & Brownie Bugs
        Jan. 20, 2018 Girl Scouts Bugs
        Mar. 24, 2018 Girl Scouts Biology
        Mar. 24, 2018 Daisy & Brownie Biology
        May 5, 2018 Daisy & Brownie Engineering
        May 19, 2018 Girl Scouts Robotics

The Boy Scout merit badge program is open to all Boy Scouts ages 10-17.

Girl Scouts are offered to all Girl Scouts ages 8-17.

Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Cost: $15 for members, $20 for non-members (includes materials, instruction and snack).

Advance registration is required. Call to register: 361-826-4667


NightLab – Overnight at the Museum

Have your boy/girl scout group spend the night at the museum, with fun activities and experiments planned throughout the night. Dinner, snack and breakfast are included.


Boy Scouts


Girl Scouts

Sept. 21, 2017 Cub Scouts CSI   Oct. 6, 2017 Six Flags
Nov. 10, 2017 Boy Scouts Space   Feb. 23, 2018 Environmental Science
Mar. 23, 2018 Cub Scouts Space      
May 4, 2018 Boy Scouts CSI      

Time: Friday night to Saturday morning, 6:00 pm – 8:00 am

Ages: For children age 7 and up

Cost: $45 per child, minimum 30 children. $20 for adults (minimum 1 adult per 5 children)

Cost includes:

  • Dinner – 2 slices pizza/person (cheese or pepperoni), water, punch, and snack
  • Breakfast – assorted cereals or muffins, milk, juice, and coffee
  • 10% off gift shop coupon for all guests
  • 50% off return visit coupon good for one admission, for each guest

To schedule a NightLab for your group call 361-826-4667 or email

Available NightLab themes:

  • CSI: NightLab – There’s been a crime at the museum! Help crack the case by collecting evidence, analyzing fingerprints, deciphering hand writing, exploring chromatography.
  • Mad Scientist – Exploding, smoking, bubbling science. Is it alive?  Become a mad scientist using electricity, chemistry and all the stuff you can’t do at home. Don’t worry mom, it’s really safe… Or is it?!
  • Eco Tales – People are not the only residents of South Texas! Join us while we explore the different plants and animals that also call South Texas home. This Overnight program is perfect for Cub and Girl Scouts working towards their Wildlife Conservation Loop Badge or Academic Pin.
  • Women of Texas – Learn about the historically significant women of Texas. From Supreme Justice Sandra Day O’Conner to poet Gloria Anzaldua, learn why you don’t mess with Texas women. This Overnight program is a great choice for Girl Scout groups.